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Inspiring photography by Richard Silver

by Rebekah Harris |

richard silver churches
It seems I spend most of my life in a hurry.  One thing I try to slow down for is to step inside a church that I have never seen and have a quiet moment.  If there are candles, I light candles and touch some blessed water to my forehead and take part of the beautiful pageantry of the Catholic faith.  So many religions' doors are only open to its members but the Catholics leave their doors open to anyone needing to escape the busy world and take shelter in their sacred architecture and they might not have it all right, but I think they got it right here.  As an artist I enjoy the beautiful labors of the craftsman they compose the cathedrals of the world.  harnessed all this beauty and deconstructed what one would expect to see into these amazing prints of sacred architecture.  Some of the ceilings actually look like the hulls of ships when seen this way.  Project can be seen at Richard Silver.