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As a jeweler, Rebekah Harris looks to the sea for inspiration and casts her visions in silver and gold. Her company, Silverella, features collections drawn from ocean lore—whether it be from explorer’s logs, or the magical and sometimes mythical creatures said to inhabit the watery depths. For her signature piece, the Spanish Galleon Ring, she uses the ship as a metaphor as the the vessel by which we adventure in life.  Many of her pieces are molded from the flotsam and jetsam she finds on her treks along the misty shores of her favorite waterfronts. Bones, shells and exoskeletons are collected and reimagined in precious metals. She divides her time between Montauk and New York City, and maintains a workshop, The Shipwreck, where she offers jewelry-making classes to those interested in exploring their own mystic visions.

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